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Hamas has proudly announced that it fired a rocket at Jerusalem, home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The silence from the Muslim world is deafening.
via: @AviMayer

Hey there buddy, real nice misinformation you’re using there. It’s top notch really. Mind if I cut in?
I can’t help but notice you’re being really vague. It’s alright, I can help with that.
The rocket was fired at West Jerusalem. It was aimed at West Jerusalem. Need me to jog your memory on what that means? Sure! You bet, anything for my dear neighborino.
West Jerusalem was the part of Jerusalem you completely ethnically cleansed of all Palestinians when you took it over. The same “Jerusalem” where the majority of which was built by your wonderful people around the original Jerusalem to boost your demographic presence there.
Ya know, that “Jerusalem” that is inhabited almost exclusively by Israeli Jews?
It’s okay, I know sometimes all this history and geography stuff gets fuzzy. You’re so lucky I’m here to give you a helping hand, can you imagine how embarrassing these things get?
Just in case you forgot, East Jerusalem is where the ancient holy sites are located. The Aqsa Mosque, the Holy Sepulcher and others. Not West Jerusalem. I know, it’s tricky!
I know you Israelis like to count East + West Jerusalem all as one Jerusalem, but you’re almost the only country that recognizes this.
I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, old pal, that according to international law and other silly human rights people, East Jerusalem is occupied territory, and not part of Israel. I know, I know, they’re probably just jealous of all your freedom and other junk.
Really I just want to thank you so much. I love how concerned you are about our holy places. I don’t feel like you’re just instrumentalizing our suffering to make a point at all. I mean..people might think that, especially considering that the vast majority of Palestinians are de facto banned from praying at the Aqsa mosque or the Holy Sepulcher by you, but nah, I’m sure you only have our best interest in mind.
So really, no ancient holy sites have been under the threat of those booger breath Hamas rockets. Just the glorified settlement bloc known today as West Jerusalem.
Say, neighbor, since we’re talking now, and since you so clearly care for all Jerusalemites and stuff, what is up with that whole Gafni Commission hoohah?
I mean it planned for Arabs to be a small minority in Jerusalem, and you’ve been kinda going at that hard. You’ve been reducing (some troublemakers would say ethnically cleansing) the Arab population in Jerusalem and establishing Jewish only neighborhoods. Some might say that it’s kinda unethical, sorta, maybe.
But no, what am I saying, you care about your citizens, I mean, the Jerusalem municipality spends more of its budget on 1 Jewish Jerusalemite than it does for over 5 Arab Jerusalemites, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, you love all your citizens equally.
Well, I’m really glad I could sort some of that stuff out for you! I know it can get mushy up in your head from all the mental gymnastics needed to act like a center of tolerance when you have segregated schools, but I’m sure you’ll manage.
If you’re still having cognitive dissonance and misremembering stuff, I’m always around the corner. Ya know, under your soldiers boots. Still here. Haven’t budged.
And if worse comes to worse, you can always recall these ancient words of wisdom:
Oink oink you vile Zionist shit bag.

Zionists are so dumb lol.






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